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Each Year is a Kaleidoscope of events.

The year begins with the Student's Council Election, Investiture, Parent's Orientation meetings, Vanmahotsav and so on...

Class- wise projects, debate, extempore, elocution, recitation, story telling, quiz, fancy dress, shloka chanting, poster making, card making, mehndi, collage making, rangoli, flower arrangement, salad decoration, Maths & Science Olympiads are the regular features in which each and every student is involved.


The purpose of this guide is to facilitate students and parents aiming to inform them about good practices and quality education within whole school. Quality education is supported by sound planning. Planning helps to translate changes and reforms in curriculum, into plans and practices which provide a supportive environment in school extending it to the class room. Planning syllabus and projects helps the students to venture into their capabilities and help unfold their hidden talents. The diary planning consists of term wise syllabus, rules and regulations of the school, class wise evaluation system, exemption and promotion rules, holiday list, etc. In addition to these, important International and National Days, Ambe Days and  Colour Days are included. SCHOOL ALMANAC consists of all activities related to child's growth and development in a nutshell.


Curriculum forms the basis of any educational institution. But it alone does not suffice for the all round development of a child. For the balanced growth of the mental, physical, social, intellectual and educational aspect of a child, scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities play a predominant role. With the sole motive to enhance confidence, self esteem, leadership, creativity, team spirit, patriotism, sympathy, empathy in a child, various activities and competitions are conducted under the guidance and supervision of able hands uplifting the areas of literature, art, music, dance, drama and technology - thus preparing the child to face the challenges of the world outside.


Ambe Group of Schools is at par with changing times and is always committed to improving academics as and when required. Young minds are like blank slates. Providing an education on values at a very young age can ensure that they are guided by these principles throughout life. Value refers to standard of one's behaviour. Different values will be taught in classes I to V as a component within other lessons related to objects and people.


There is no blue print for change. As the world goes global, so does the celebrations. National and International days like World Blood Donors Day; Women's Day; National Science Day; etc. are observed globally. This helps us to focus on the issues of importance to create a better world. But due to the constrains in geographical, social and cultural background it may not be possible to celebrate these days in the prescribed way everywhere.


Ambe Days are therefore uniquely designed to discover new ideas, share insight, transform perception and take action towards better learning. Every month has a comprehensive and meaningful days best suited to the local environment which are aimed at evoking interest, concern, curiosity, creativity, etc. in the child. Ambe Days are so planned that on the first day information regarding the importance of day is provided and on the second day the celebration take place. There are certain Ambe Days which are celebrated for the whole year round as they form an integral part of human life.


Colour is the most fulfilling element in human life and therefore it directly influences our well being and mood. Colour being a language it becomes easier to inculcate certain abstract concepts in simpler ways in the life of a child. Colour days like any other special days are so arranged in each month at junior level that the students are allowed to wear that colour dress and come to school. Teachers make these special colour days 'fun excuse'  for teaching and learning in a play way method.

As learning is a life long process and its root being in a school, to channelize various aspects of child like mental, physical, social, intellectual and imbibe values, ethics, mannerisms, punctuality, special days are designed and planned. Each child should have the zeal and drive to celebrate these days and be the mediator in further transmitting these values beyond the school.

Practice :

Soon after the morning prayers, activities related to that day are carried on.

Expectation :

It is hereby expected from the parents / guardians that their child observes these days religiously and conscientiously along with them.

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